Another project started! This one feels pretty good too. I feel like I am making some real progress in pushing my “swirling thoughts” into actual concrete projects — and that feels so much better than worrying/wondering…!!! No more disclaimers. Here goes.

Three versions of a portrait. I browse various sites for portraits to inspire and sketch, and I recently found this image via Samantha Hahn‘s pinterest page (total idol). I used this as my inspiration for these portraits.

(Apologies in advance for the terrible photos taken late at night in my kitchen. Urgh. Daylight escapes me, but I see now how essential that is! Better next time)

First up, I did a regular ole pencil sketch. For being fairly rusty in the sketch department, I was pleased with how it turned out:

Next, I re-sketched and attempted a quick watercolor. I wasn’t as pleased with this one, the proportions of the face are a little off, and my watercolor skills are lacking detail, but for a first go, I’ll take it:

And finally, my favorite. After creating the pencil and watercolor versions, I thought about them for a few days and kept having this idea of a grid painting/drawing. I did my trademark hem-haw routine, and then just decided to go for it. I used the original pencil drawing, added grids, and started painting. I’m not sure it’s 100% complete, but I think it turned out interesting:

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