Portrait success!

My favorite project so far, by far! I’m not quite finished, but I really love the direction this is going.

We had some great photos of M taken around his 2nd birthday by a local photographer tadpole photography , and I’ve been wanting to try my hand at creating a portrait of him for some time. I had a failed attempt about a year ago, so I figured it was time for another try.

I started with this photo:

original photo

I messed around with it in photoshop a bit to bring out the darks and lights, and then drew it on a canvas that has been laying around forever. Which brought me to here:

step 2 sketch

Then I busted out my new favorite paints (gouache) in some blues and settled upon the right shades. What I didn’t quite think through was the quality of gouache on canvas, especially an older/probably cheap one that was made for acrylic and oil. But I forged on, and ended up doing a few extra coats, still happy with the results. I’d like to spend more time refining a few of the shades, but here’s where I am now:


Can’t wait to finish it up and hang it! Update coming soon(ish)!

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